Spiritual Hypnotherapy for spiritual purposes pertaining to the Soul

This expression of hypnotherapy takes you on a journey into the deepest part of your soul, connecting with your higher-self. The purpose for healing at the physical, mental, SPIRITUAL, mind, body and spirit levels. Learning the purpose of which you came into this life, creating awareness for a meaningful existence in this universe.

Spiritual Hypnotherapy is just as important as Clinical Hypnotherapy. Both external and inner worlds working together for balance and to make the necessary changes for the soul to learn, grow and evolve.


  • Past Life Regression-(Reincarnation) Explore your past lives
  • Higher Guidance and Wisdom
  • Direction on Your True Path
  • Deep SOUL-Energy Healing
  • Clearing & Cleansing of Negativity/Blockers
  • Akashic Records-Discover your book of lives
  • Soul Realignment
  • Angel/Spirit Guide Communication-Meet your Angels, Spirit Guides and receive messages
  • Astral Projection (OBE-Outer Body Experience)
  • Future Life Progression
  • Chakra Balancing-Balance-cleanse-align your chakras (Can be done with Reiki)
  • Healing with Whit Light
  • Strengthening your Auric Shield
  • Universal Laws-Creating miracle in your life
  • Hypno-Mediumship- Communicate with departed loved ones
  • Releasing “Discarnate Souls”
  • Grief Recovery

Private Spiritual Hypnotherapy sessions are 2 hours (Includes consultation)
Fee: $135.00 (Deposit Required $75)

Cancellation Policy for Spiritual Hypnotherapy:
GC Hypnotherapy has a 24 hour cancellation/rescheduling policy. We ask that you please call if you cannot make your appointment or there will be a $75.00 charge. While truly sympathetic, we do not double book or over book, reserving specific times and individual care. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.