Gina, it was SO WONDERFUL to connect with you and make a heart connection. I had been feeling so lost from my knowing and alone, even though I’m usually connected to that part of me-and talking with you (in my coffee shop on the outskirts of the city!) was the balm that my soul needed. Thank you! And I am completely LOVING your BOOK!
Kate W., LA
BTW. I spoke to my mother after my reading and she told me things I didn’t know -but that you said and wrote it within your automatic writings during the reading. So you are RIGHT ON!
D. H., NJ
Gina HAPPY EASTER! And GOD BLESS YOU…Thank you for the peace you have given us.
I LOVE your BOOK, it made me realize I need to get back to believing and pray again. It made Learn how to pray again and start praying properly. Also need to sort out my head and think about exactly what I want and need. I am SO HAPPY and GRATEFUL for your guidance!
I am now truly excited for my future! Thank you SO MUCH for such a beautiful and inspiring Book !!”
Jen, NJ
Thank you Gina! I am so lucky that I met you and how much you’re helping me! You’re an angel sent by God to me!!! Your hypnotherapy sessions have changed my life and I look forward to living a healthy and happy life!
Jen, NJ
Gina, your workshop was WONDERFUL and helped me to be open to my own psychic abilities. The event was well planned and you put a lot of thought into it! There was a nice mixture of individual and group exercises. I’m looking forward to the next one!
Noelle, NJ
Gina Cannone is like a secret treasure chest of priceless gems! Anyone who is lucky enough to find her will have an assortment of jewels to choose from Hypnotherapy, clairvoyant psychic readings, mediumship readings, spiritual life coaching, and live experiential workshops to develop your own skills. I HAVE DONE THEM ALL! Not only is Gina amazingly accurate with her psychic information, she is generous, patient and totally non-judgmental with her direct, yet sensitive style and warm personality. Everything about Gina is AUTHENTIC! She is the real deal as a psychic, and the real deal as a compassionate, honest human being. Her LIVE WORKSHOPS are fun and informative, and you always leave BETTER than when you came in! Gina has a gift for understanding your situation, and her hypnotherapy sessions are custom designed to your specific situation and needs, and helps you to quickly overcome any subconscious blocks that might be keeping you from moving forward in your life…SHE is a RARE and priceless gem indeed!”
Melissa A., NJ