Thank you for sharing concrete, workable and easy to follow steps to help the reader better know and understand the spiritual angelic world. I loved your prayers, appreciated the biblical references and “felt” your life stories. Wishing you continued blessings and grateful for a new way to ask for and appreciate mine in whatever form the angels choose best.
Lydia Gilbert, Nov 29, 2015
I enjoyed reading “It’s Time to Believe” by Gina Cannone. It was inspirational, it gave me chills at times. It is just wonderful to know there is more in the world that what we can see with our own eyes. I had the pleasure of meeting Gina and can say she is a warm and kind person with positive energy. The book is also a learning experience on how to achieve and live a full positive life and to get in life what you want. It teaches you to think outside the box just a little and then your world can change. I loved the book and highly recommend it!
Daniele Parisi, Jan 31, 2016
I was surprisingly captivated while reading this beautiful book. There are examples and practical suggestions on how to implement the strategies and principles outlined in this book. Gina’s spiritual gifts came through, along with her humanness, and her willingness to experience, learn and grow from both the pains and joys of life. What is also communicated is her warm and loving desire to help others do the same, and to help people trust in the process of life, and all the spiritual help that is available to everyone!
Mary Andrews, Jan 23, 2016
Loved It! A must read! This is one of those books that gave me the chills, brought tears to my eyes and literally had me laughing out loud. Gina has such a wonderful uplifting happy message for us all.
Kimberly J Garma, Feb 2, 2016
This book was very inspiring to me, especially with regard to authentic prayer!! A connection with “the other side” is a beautiful thing!! Wonderful inspirational insight!
A.C., March 12, 2016
Gina is gifted! Amazing experiences! Amazing life! Inspiring, uplifting and optimistic!
Antoinette Lordo, Mar 10, 2016