Spiritual Life Coaching will help you begin the process for obtaining:

    • Life balance
    • Life purpose
    • Positive thinking
    • Positive planning
    • Praying and receiving
    • Spiritual growth
    • Spiritual healing
    • Angel & spirit guide connections
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Spiritual life coaching can help you to learn how to live the life of your dreams.  Begin the process for a life change and learn how you can achieve your desires and create the life you want.  PRAYER is a vital spiritual force which is necessary for change, healing, life abundance or for a miracle you may need in your life.

If you feel you can use some spiritual coaching, I will be happy to work with you to support & encourage you through your issues.    There are two options available:

  • Personal telephone counseling $50.00 + per hour/plus phone charges
  • Coaching via Email Daily correspondence on a monthly basis. $ 120.00 for (one) monthly session



CRYSTALS when used during Reiki Healing will help the healing and energy balancing. The purpose of a laying on of stones is to release etheric, emotional, mental or spiritual blocks to well-being.


  • Balance & Activate the Chakras
  • Clear the Aura & Strengthen Etheric Field
  • Crystals cleanse mental & emotional fields
  • Crystals release blockages and increase vibrational energy
  • Invoking Angels, Guides, Divine Power
  • Distant Healing and Manifestation
  • Animal Reiki for pets available


Energy channeled through hands and crystals-encompassing the whole physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

  • Dissolve blocked-stagnant energy
  • Crystals absorb stress- anger
  • Directs vital energy to all parts of body
  • Infuse energy into system-supporting self-love, healing vibrations, positive energy, empowerment
  • Brings calmness & relaxation to a persons body, mind, & spirit
  • Clears Aura- an electromagnetic quality to our auras can and do attract debris, pollutants, others emotional energy and stress. Reiki with Crystals allows one to become more clear-balanced-vibrant- aware and present.


Private Readings

Private Readings – individually or for private group of 4-8 people   

  • One on one reading   – readings can vary from 20 minutes to 35 minutes $50.00 + via phone or in person/additional fees may incur (travel)
  • Group session -need to book one month in advance/deposit required $50.00 + per person/additional fees may incur (travel)
  • Group sessions for PAST LIFE REGRESSSION – need to book one month in advance/deposit required $50.00 + per person/additional fees may incur (travel)
  • Hypnotic Life Coaching – Call 917.865.4662 for details

Spiritual workshops

Spiritual workshops for groups – An enlightening workshop to:

  • Learn about Angels and how to hear and see signs from them.
  • Tune into your psychic abilities
  • Learn about the “Clairs”
  • Psychic exercise
  • Meditation exercise to remove negativity and put positivity in motion
  • Automatic writing exercise from spirit guides to your hands
  • and much more!