It’s Time to Believe

This is a book about my answered prayers. It is also a book about how others can find fortune, happiness and loving relationships as I have, by learning how to pray sincerely and unselfishly, listening to your angels, and earning and expanding your good fortune through hard work.


The chapters in this book juxtapose amazing true stories from my own life with advice and guidance on how to make your prayers and wishes come true.

My stories start in childhood, when I began to realize I was different. I could ‘see things’ no one else could see, communicate with the unseen, even peer into the future. I felt the presence of guardian angels. The true events I relate range from funny to shocking to deeply scary. Incidents that will leave the reader saying, “This is unbelievable! This could not have happened!” But it has!

The heart of this book is prayer intertwined with psychic and clairvoyant events. But also, this is a book for skeptics and those who are not yet in touch with their spiritual selves. You may not believe in angels, but they believe in you.

Thank you Gina for sharing concrete, workable and easy to follow steps to help the reader better know and understand the spiritual angelic world. I loved your prayers, appreciated the biblical references and “felt” your life stories. Wishing you continued blessings and grateful for a new way to ask for and appreciate mine in whatever form the angels choose best.
Lydia Gilbert
Unbelievable! ! And so well written. A must read.
Ruth Ruffman